Tom Carmony is an interactive designer
based in Seattle, WA.

I swear a full site is coming soon…

Where to Find Me

  • ❚❚❚  Black Pixel

    I manage a crazy-talented team of UI/UX designers as Director of Design at Black Pixel.
  • Twitter

    Covering pretty much anything I'm doing, watching, or ranting about since 2007.
  • Instagram

    Shared squares. A fair amount of overlap with photos shared to Twitter and Flickr.
  • Flickr

    Not a ton of updates lately, but lots of my favorite shots going back nearly ten years.

    Pretty much everything I’ve listened to over the last decade.
  • Dribbble

    Selected snippets of my design work.
  • LinkedIn

    You know, for networking.



  • The National

    Week after week, this band is always somewhere near the top of my playlist.
  • The Menzingers

    Del often asks “play the asshole song” when we’re in the car.
  • 99% Invisible

    A tiny radio show about design, architecture, & the invisible activity that shapes our world.
  • Weezer

    Their latest is better than I’d expected (though no Pinkerton).
  • TBTL

    More than 1,700 episodes in, and there’s still something charming about this podcast about… well… nothing.
  • Joyce Manor

    Labelmates of The Menzingers on Epitaph. Their latest, Never Hungover Again, clocks in with ten songs in under twenty minutes.
  • Taylor Swift

    I hate to admit it, but 1989 has been on repeat for a couple weeks now.
  • Head North

    A catchy EP I recently picked up from the fine folks at MKT Records.


  • Secret Avengers

    Ales Kos and Michael Walsh craft a wild ride, in the vein of Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye.
  • She-Hulk

    I’m sad that Soule and Polido’s book is coming to an end after just a dozen issues.
  • 📖The Skies Belong to Us

    The sub-title really says it all – “love and terror in the golden age of hijacking”.
  • Managing Humans

    An updated second edition of Michael Lopp’s excellent take on managing technology teams.
  • Saga

    If you haven’t read Saga yet (seriously?), you might as well start with this deluxe hardcover edition.
  • Product Design for the Web

    Etsy’s Randy J. Hunt on creating meaningful online experiences that keep users coming back for more.